Independent Sales Agents Wanted!

September 19, 2009 · Print This Article

WhiteBox is growing! Our new dealer captive program is generating interest from dealers across the United States.  We need independent sales agents to help us roll out our program.  Our model is simple, for each contract we finance we pay 20% of our fee to the agent.  WhiteBox allows for monthly collection from consumers via ACH and as a result we can pay our agents IMMEDIATELY after we collect.  There is NO waiting period.  The moment we collect our agents get paid.

Our primary program offers a dealer’s customer up-to $2,000 open to buy.  We charge between $59 and $79 to collect for up to 48 months.  99% of consumers are approved under our program (the only requirement is that they have a checking account).  Interested in learning more? 

and we will have someone contact you with 48 hours.

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More on our program:

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Are you tired of watching your front and back-end gross walk out the door on every deal? Would you like to make an extra $500-$2000 on every contract?

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Whitebox by you.Whitebox provides a one-of-a kind, in-house financing and collections solution for aftermarket funding. “State of the Art” on the spot online contracting right in your office, complete with electronic signature pad. Our automatic contracting, collection and administrative program is designed to make you more profit!!

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If you can sell it, we will carry it and collect for up to 24 months. We have a 99% acceptance rate and the best collections rates in the industry.

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Our Customer collections are paid directly to the account of your choice by ACH. . We pay daily, weekly, or monthly. These payments can be split into multiple accounts, included percentage and flat fee amounts to agents, F&I managers, etc. Our motto is: “If you can sell it, we will carry and collect it”

. Our program will allow the dealer to once again pre-install vehicle “adds” sold with an addendum sticker.

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Examples Include:

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Dealers are using Whitebox to sell “Mop and Glow” environmental products, Tire and Road Hazard, Window Etching, and added gross. Whatever your dealership wants to sell, we will carry it.

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We can customize an in house VSC program for the dealer with an advance to you that will minimize any out of pocket “cash” expense, including commissions to your F&I staff. Once again, payments can be split between multiple payees or accounts, distributing funds differently each month as the dealer would like.

Dealer installed “Hard Adds”

. Once again, we can custom fit a program for the dealer to sell and install low cost, high markup adds, without going “cash” backwards in hard cost installation.

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We offer 3 month to 24 month financing with NO interest or fee to the customer. The dealer simply pays a small “One Time” fee for each contract that we manage.

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